East African Properties proposed site for its next project is located at the old Anbessa Pasta & Flour Factory, immediately behind and to the north of Awash Winery. The site’s location is at a critical juncture of commercial, residential and manufacturing areas with excellent access to the center of the city including the upcoming Financial District and Mercato – Ethiopia’s preeminent center for retail and wholesale trade.

It is a site where East African Holding has a long history of course – Anbessa Pasta and Flour Factory (now operating at East African Holding’s Industrial Park in Dukem) was one of the earliest manufacturers of food products at this scale.It is now time for change – as per Addis Ababa’s continuing evolution, manufacturing facilities are moving out of the city and leaving behind new opportunities to effect exciting change in the city.

Design Week Addis Ababa, 2016

In 2016, East African Holding collaborated with EiABC (Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development) to host Addis Ababa Becoming with the goal of creating a platform for the discussion of the rapid pace at which our city is changing and how government, the private sector, non governmental organizations and the city’s residents can potentially collaborate to further elevate the outcome of such change.  Following an exhibition at EiABC, a panel discussion was held at East African Holding’s compound from which many valuable insights were gained that have been instituted in the planning process for its redevelopment.

East African Holding and East African Properties hope to serve as an example of how urban redevelopment can help serve the needs of the community in a variety of ways.