For most families, a home is the largest investment they will make in their lifetimes. And well beyond its monetary value alone, is the inestimable worth of the lifelong memories that will be created within it.

East African Properties, a member of the East African Holding Group, one of the largest and long standing conglomerates in Ethiopia, has made a commitment to develop and deliver homes of unique, customization, highly functional design and impeccable quality, employing sustainable practices and embodying the highest standards of modern building techniques.


Our philosophy is a blend of new world thinking and traditional values. We seek inspiration from our rich Ethiopian history as we conceive new designs and select materials for our projects. We also seek to source locally produced inputs whenever possible without compromising on aesthetics, quality and durability. We achieve highly functional designs by considering the best possible use of space and understanding how families typically use their homes in order to maximize their enjoyment of it. As a practical matter, this also translates into amenities like central water heating, externally vented kitchen hoods and dryer conduits as well as useful storage nooks & crannies.

Value For Your Money

Value for your money! That’s one thing you can count on when you buy an apartment at Forest Hills Apartments by East African Properties. When you’re buying an apartment in Addis, the last thing you should do is simply compare the price of one against another from developer to developer. From what kind of finishing (if at all) is included in the purchase price, to how the size of the apartment is calculated, there can be enormous variations in what one price represents versus another. At East African Properties, we strive to give you the most value for your money – no gimmicks or tricks to make it seem otherwise.

Living Space

Many developers include wall area as well as a share of common areas (exterior halls, elevators, stairs, lobbies and parking) in the unit size they advertise for sale.  The difference between a 92m2 apartment at Forest Hills and a recently assessed competitor’s of ‘91m2‘ was close to 50% of the net living space.While the apartment at Forest Hills offered 92m2 of living space (defined as usable space in the interior of the apartment including cabinetry and closets), the competitor in question included a share of common areas, wall space and parking resulting in a net living space of just 61m2.  On top of that, it cost almost 50% more!

Fully Finished

There are more and more apartments being sold without any finishing at all, but did you know that others which provide finished units don’t provide everything you might think would be included? For example, some prominent developers sell their units without kitchen cabinetry or bedroom closets. At Forest Hills, when you take delivery of your apartment, all you need to bring is your furniture, clothing and kitchen appliances.

Quality Finishing

‘Parquet’ is a word that is thrown around a lot when describing flooring for dry areas. Unfortunately, parquet here is just used as a term for a material that looks like wood – meaning it could be laminate, MDF, HDF or hardwood. Products that are very different in look, feel, durability and desirability. In fact, most of the so called ‘parquet’ floors you’re likely to encounter are MDF – medium density fiberboard – which may look okay but can be prone to water damage and cannot be refinished if is damaged or worn.

Forest Hills Apartments uses engineered wood – a type of wood flooring that is particularly well suited for installation over concrete subfloors. It has the same great look and feel of hardwood (the surface is hardwood) with a composite underlay which gives it much better moisture resistance than hardwood. Furthermore, it can be refinished in case of damage or for a fresh new look after many years of use.

We challenge you to find another developer who offers wood floors at the same price points as Forest Hills!


The eastern portion of the city (CMC, Summit, Ayat, etc.) seems to be where most developers are putting up new projects in addition to Bole, Old Airport and the Kazanchis areas of course.  That puts most potential buyers between several difficult choices.  On the one hand, apartments in central city areas are extremely expensive – easily reaching the ETB 40-45,000/m2 range of living space.  On the other hand, the CMC roundabout itself is about 9km away from the city center even if apartments in that area command prices in the ETB 27-32,000/m2 range of living space.  But at similar (and in some cases substantially lower) price points, Forest Hills lies just 4.5km from the city center and is within easy reach of Kazanchis, Tor Hailoch (via Ring Road), Piassa, Sandford School, Lycee, US Embassy, Addis Ababa University and more.   Considering the 1 hour plus commute from CMC to Kazanchis that is the norm these days, Forest Hills is the kind of value for your money you just can’t beat!